Professional marble polishing & restoration service in Dubai

Keeping your marble surfaces clean can be tricky. Using the wrong cleaning agent can mar the beauty of your flooring and surfaces and compromise the integrity of the material. Which is why you need to find experts that will get the job done accurately. Here at White Life Cleaning, we can help you to maintain the sheen of your marble flooring and countertops and make it look as good as new.

Our mission is to provide our clients with high value and top-quality marble cleaning and restoration services in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. Our expertise in marble washing made us a go-to cleaning company for stone and tile restorations.

Advance approach to marble cleaning in Dubai

Being a recognized marble polishing company in Dubai, we invest in top-quality equipment and solutions to make sure that your flooring and surfaces are cleaned and restored to the highest degree. We use proven cleaning and restoration methods to remove the stains and bring back the beauty of the material.

Our 9-Step Marble Cleaning & Restoration Process includes

  • Survey – we will inspect the material and provide a demonstration of our cleaning methods to showcase the results that the clients can expect.
  • Masking – we will mask and cover your walls and furnishings to protect them from splashes
  • Vacuum cleaning – we will remove and vacuum all loose dirt and particles
  • Cleaning – we will apply high-grade cleaning solutions to remove deep-seated dirt on the stone
  • Extraction – slurry and other mixture will be removed by industrial-grade wet vacuum machines. This process will be repeated until traces of slurry is removed.
  • Grinding / Honing / Polishing – we will restore the stone using effective restoration methods and polish the material to bring back its former shine
  • Rinse – the material will be rinsed and left to dry for finishing
  • Finishing – stone wax will be applied for sealing and protect it from future damage
  • Clearing – the material will be vacuumed, and the team will clear the area for inspection

Marble cleaning experts in Dubai that you can trust

Our staff plays a major part on the success of our marble cleaning and restoration, which is why we employ the best people in the industry to get the job done. All of our technicians are equipped with knowledge and skills to conduct an inspection, assess the degree of work that should be done, facilitate the restorations, and meet and exceed the expectation of our clients.

Keep your flooring and surfaces protected from the elements

Maintain the shine of your flooring and surfaces. Inquire and book our services by calling +971 55 334 2817 | +971 4 298 2220. You can also message us through our online contact form for inquiries about our other services. We will be very happy to accommodate your concerns.