Curtain Cleaning

WHITE LIFE CLEANING COMPANY has a several ways to clean your curtain using a vaccum with extraction machine and a good quality steam cleaning with special products. This method will reduce the absorption of smell in your home while cooking. It allows to clean gently, remove the dirt, harmful bacteria and it gives your curtain a good airing every so often and freshen up the house. Our company is trusted and expert in this line of business in the UAE.

Nowadays, curtains are the most important decoration.

In Whitelife we know that fresh, clean curtains add grace and style to any room. We are trusted and customer-oriented company that offers residential and commercial curtains cleaning in all UAE areas. We are using Steam Cleaning method that allows to clean gently all types of curtains, to fresh up the fabric and to remove dirt, soils and harmful bacteria. Our technicians will do their best to restore your curtains to their former glory, whatever their size, textile or pattern.